join a crew…

{captain} {helm} {engineering} {comms} {weapons} {science} {fighter(s)}

Crew Consoles/Stations

  • CAPTAIN: The Captain (if available) is in charge and may or may not have a designated screen/station. B.Y.O.C.
  • COMMS: The communications station (if available) is responsible for RED ALERT, and all communications outside the bridge, i.e. stations, friendly ships, and enemies.
  • ENGINEERING: The engineering station (if available) is primarily responsible for energy/power distribution across the ship as well as Damage Control / Repairs to any damage to ship’s systems or hull.
  • HELM: The helm is to control the ship’s movements around/thru the current sector’s space.
  • SCIENCE: The science station is to identify risks and resources available in the range of the ship’s sensors.
  • WEAPONS/TACTICAL: The weapons or tactical station (if available) is responsible for beams and torpedoes during combat.
  • FIGHTERs: Any fighters available are to defend and attack their ship.
  • Red Shirts (extras, RP away team): The extras (if available) are to be determined…