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    Tucson, Az

  • Tucson Comic-Con: 2017
  • RinCon: 2017
  • Rita Ranch Self Storage:2016+2017
  • Isle of Games: 2016
  • Xerocraft: 2015
  • MakerHouse: 2014

If (you'd like to host the TucsonStarNavy) :
- a single event.
- recurring events (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.)
- as a "home base" (semi-permanent, bridge build)

then (contact us via) :
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Artemis will be at Tucson Comic-Con with the shortfall of volunteers. Tucson Star Navy club members who are there, and you have not signed up, please help cover portions of Saturday closing shift and offer short breaks all weekend to the volunteers who did sign up. If we're not completely covered, Tim will have to break down the bridge and move it to secure storage at 2pm on Saturday. Avery will then have to setup the bridge again before opening on Sunday. ... See MoreSee Less

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Posted by Web Min

our bridge


using (current) version 2.6.0
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator Р2.6.0


So far…

  • 3 x DMX PAR can lights
  • 2 x USB <> DMX Adapters (‘Entec Open DMX’ dongle, + generic)
  • Server : Mainscreen
    • Windows 7 with Mouse & Keyboard
  • 5 x Consoles : Stations
    • Linux Mint, with Artemis via ‘Playonlinux’
    • 4 x IR-based touch-screen displays (VGA or DVI) via USB
    • Helm: 2 x Flight sticks (one force-feedback)
      • LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse


  • Projector and Screen OR ~40″ Monitor (DVI)
  • Walls (cubicle?)
  • Floor (raised?)
  • Custom Consoles
    • v.1 : USB keyboard hacks?
    • v.2 : stations with buttons
  • 5 x Chairs (one Command)
  • Misc:
    • Cardboard Tubes
    • Plexi
    • Wood + MDF
    • Steel?
    • Paint?



join a crew…

{captain} {helm} {engineering} {comms} {weapons} {science} {fighter(s)}

Crew Consoles/Stations

  • CAPTAIN: The Captain (if available) is in charge and may or may not have a designated screen/station. B.Y.O.C.
  • COMMS: The communications station (if available) is responsible for RED ALERT, and all communications outside the bridge, i.e. stations, friendly ships, and enemies.
  • ENGINEERING: The engineering station (if available) is primarily responsible for energy/power distribution across the ship as well as Damage Control / Repairs to any damage to ship’s systems or hull.
  • HELM: The helm is to control the ship’s movements around/thru the current sector’s space.
  • SCIENCE: The science station is to identify risks and resources available in the range of the ship’s sensors.
  • WEAPONS/TACTICAL: The weapons or tactical station (if available) is responsible for beams and torpedoes during combat.
  • FIGHTERs: Any fighters available are to defend and attack their ship.
  • Red Shirts (extras, RP away team): The extras (if available) are to be determined…



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